Thean Amudham Bhajans at Shiva Temple Othakalmandapam Coimbatore

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Mega Celebration with Sri Sri in Coimbatore, Jan 30 - 31st, 2014

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar visits Kerala - Feb 1-3 2014 : God's Own Country

14 Ways to welcome the New Year 2014.

Ram Amrit | Divine Knowledge Snippets 1

Ram Amrit - the first devotional album from The Art of Living using binaural Soulbeats™. The ability to modify brain waves came to the mass attention in the early 1970s. Probably the most well known is the alpha wave movement that gained popularity in the early 70s when scientific studies were done on Meditators who had the ability to control certain brain wave states like alpha. Since 1997 studies into this area have further contributed to growing evidence that through the use of binaural beats as an external process, the brain-waves can be changed to create beneficial therapeutic applications. Ram Amrit produced by Nectarene Musik has been empowered with therapeutic SoulBeats™. The album has mellifluous bhajans sung by Dr.Arun Madhavan and Siddhant Bhatia. It is supercharged to provide slow, but deep healing on extended listening sessions. This unique album which saw its launch in the hands of Poojya Gurudev on 13th May 2013 is now available online To order your personal copies online: or go to your nearest music store

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Art of Living Secrets: My 5 firsts of leadership

Art of Living Secrets: My 5 firsts of leadership: In the 90's, when I was a banker, I attended a Leadership workshop called Management Development Program . The very first question asked of...

Jaigurudev, Mani Gopalakrishnan Pranams to our beloved Guruji, Coimbatore Web Seva Team